Since I have been coming here, I have noticed that I haven’t had many headaches or problems with my upper or lower back and neck. I feel better and I can be more active in school without worrying about whether I can bend over, etc! Dr. Bond says that with Chiropractic help your health will increase and I haven’t been sick at all. Dr. Bond is an excellent doctor and I am happy that I have been going to him and I would advise other people to go too!

– B.D. –

Since becoming a patient at Bond Chiropractic, I have seen astounding relief of pain in my back, arms, and legs. Being a diabetic, I thought all these problems were caused by the disease itself. After reviewing the x-rays and pinpointing all the areas of subluxation, I was put under Chiropractic care and noticed a change with the very first adjustment. The dizziness I was getting every day disappeared and my sinus problem even got better. Some other problems like pain disappeared but because damage was done for such a long time, I was still getting pain in the arms and legs. But, as I go each time for an adjustment, I feel better. As an example, I slept in an awkward position causing pain in my shoulder. I complained to my sister that I couldn’t get the pain out by flexing the shoulder and even doing exercises. My appointment with the chiropractor wasn’t until Tuesday and I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. She told me to call Monday and see if he could take me in. I did so and he took me in without any trouble and put my should back in place because it was out a little bit. As you can see, I am getting better and feeling better without drugs and medicines. Without Chiropractic care, I would be feeling terrible and not knowing why. For these reasons, I recommend many people who are suffering with pain to see a Chiropractor. It could mean a big difference between felling good and feeling bad.

– G.B. –

Ten years ago I was diagnosed by my family doctor with migraine headaches. In those ten years, I have suffered terribly. My mother-in-law, who has gone to Dr. Bond for well over 20 years, had told me she felt he could help me. In October 2002, I started with Dr. Bond and I have never once had any regrets. He has helped me tremendously and I thank God for him every day of my life now. When I think of how I suffered ten years or better and how I am almost pain free today, there is no comparison. He has truly been a “God-sent” for me and if I’m a success story, it is because of Dr. Bond.

– A.K. –

Before seeing Dr. Bond I had headaches, migraines and back pain. My mother brought me to see Dr. Bond when I was 15. I have stayed committed to my care because I feel a lot better. I have less back pain and no more migraines. I feel tons better and will continue to feel better. I can lift and exercise better now than before seeing Dr. Bond. I recommend Dr. Bond and chiropractic care to everyone with headaches and back pain because it has really helped me.

– M.A. –

Since coming to Bond Chiropractic Health Center I move freely and have an abundance of energy and I am free of pain. In regard to staff, they encourage me constantly towards well being. I hope the time will come when Chiropractic will be a family word. Dr. Bond is very graphic as to explaining what and how Chiropractic works.

– A.H. –

I should have come to Dr. Bond 30 years ago be I was afraid. He hasn’t treated me even a month and I feel much better now. I would tell anyone that has a pain in his or her back to go see Dr. Bond and he will make you feel a lot better.

– S.B. –

After my car accident I was in severe pain. Doctors said it was just bruised muscles and ribs. I started coming to Dr. Bond with a friend and he found that my back bones were all out. After several visits I got feeling good and could move and breathe without pain. Later I had something out and it pressed on my sciatic nerve. I could hardly walk and the pain was terrible. It brought tears to my eyes when Dr. Bond worked on me but with treatment I no longer have this pain. I keep coming for maintenance as I feel I need it as headaches and so many other pains can be helped with treatment.

– L.C. –

I have been coming to Dr. Bond’s office for 9 or 10 years now. My spine is in much better shape now than when I started. My general health has been very good. Now when I hurt, Dr. Bond is in tune with my spine. I recommend Chiropractic for spinal problems over MD’s anytime.

– M.Z. –

About four or five months ago, I was suffering with severe anxiety. Although I was given medication, a kind of tranquilizer, my problem intensified. Then I started to come to Dr. Bond’s Chiropractic Health Center. The improvement in my general health was astounding. As of now my anxiety level is way down, also the stiffness in my neck and back all but vanished. I have been helped very much by Chiropractic methods. I am now going to school and doing almost everything physically that I haven’t done for a long time. Being a skeptic about Chiropractic methods, I was pleasantly surprised. This method has worked for me in a very positive way. Dr. Bond and his staff are very pleasant, efficient, and they make you feel comfortable. I am very glad I decided to come, for I have been helped very much.

– C.F. –

Chiropractic has improved my walking, sitting, climbing stairs, my mood, and decreased pain. I notice the benefit of my Chiropractic therapy when driving my mail route, when I need to do yard work or when I want to go swimming, ride my bicycle or play tennis. I experience more energy, stamina, happiness. The daily temporal headaches are gone and my eyes do not hurt from headaches.

– V.S. –

I hurt my back in October 1987, while at work. I was sent to Washington Hospital for tests and x-rays and later I was given therapy for the next three months. Then I was sent back to work, then I had to take off work again, then I was placed into 4 different therapies. Nothing seemed to help much. As time went on, the doctor at the Washington Hospital was considering surgery. Instead I was given shots and pain killers to help me when I went back to work. Then a friend of mine suggested that I go to Bond Chiropractic Health Center, so I decided to give it a try. After a few months, I began to get some relief from the pain that was in my back and legs, in which I did not feel for a long time. Before this time I could not bend over or do any of my housework and now through Chiropractic, I can do most of my work. I am thankful that I did choose to go to Bond Chiropractic. I only wish that I had come sooner. I do feel a lot better that I did. So thanks again for being there when I needed help and still do.

– B.R. –

When I first came for Chiropractic care, I had been in an automobile accident. I had been to the medical doctor who stated that I would be OK in time. I awoke the next week with pain in my legs and almost could not get up out of bed. My neck was stiff and at times pain shot in my back. I went to work where after 8 hours I was tired and did not have the energy I normally had. Afraid that I may never walk properly, I consulted Dr. Bond. He noticed that my hip was higher on one side and that my neck was not properly aligned. Today I feel better and my energy has somewhat improved. I was also suffering with headaches at least once a week. I haven’t noticed a headache in months and I can now jump out of bed and feel confident that I will be OK. I hate to think of what may have happened if I had not visited Dr. Bond and just kept suffering and taken my medical doctor’s advice. I haven’t visited him since and any symptoms I have I consult Dr. Bond. Now if he could only solve my weight problem, ha! ha!

– M.S. –

When I came to Bond Chiropractic Health Center, I had a very stiff neck and shoulder muscles, which caused sharp attacks in my upper neck. After only a few adjustments the stiffness and soreness was virtually gone. Then something’s happened that had haunted me many years. My vision had not been good, even with corrective lenses. Now I can see road signs clearly and can read for hours without eye fatigue or redness. Then, I hurt my lower back severely. Within 5 adjustments, and the aid of a lumbar belt, I was back to the former way of going about my daily activities. I want to say “Thank You” to all the staff at Bond Chiropractic Health Center and a special “Thank You” to Dr. Bond, for your care and concern.

– H.S. –

A couple of years ago I was having migraines daily, I tried muscle relaxers and physical therapy. I even thought they were caused by TMJ. My Aunt suggested coming to see Dr. Bond, I was skeptical but I came. The pain eased after the 1st visit. Now I rarely suffer the migraines and when I do, an adjustment is all I need to get rid of it.

– J.B. –

I had a slipped disc and went to undergo physical therapy for 3 years. In all those days, I would say that I was not pain free at all. In short, physical therapy was just managing my pain, but it wasn’t getting any better. My mother-in-law introduced me to Dr. Bond and that meeting with him and first therapy was one of the best days in my life. The chronic back pain and numbness that I had for the past three years began to feel better. After just 2 therapies, I wasn’t in constant back pain. My family had even had fears that I won’t [be able to get pregnant] or will have a difficult pregnancy due to my condition. But, even my migraine is gone, haven’t had an attack in 5 years now. Thank God to Dr. Bond. I’m able to live a normal life, and my husband Jimmy and I now have 2 kids! All of us go to Dr. Bond now. As claims go, I believe the chiro-care my kids are receiving has lessened a lot of the sickness other kids their ages have. Especially ear infections, my 2 sons have only had 3 ear infections in their young lives. 1 for Kyle who was 5, and 2 for Mark who is 3. Nor have they had “unexplained” fevers, which most kids have at their age. So for anybody wanting to try chiro-care, go for it, this could be one of your best decisions done, like mine.

– L.A. –